Winter is fast approaching, and so is Collegiate Challenge

With a month and a half to go until the Winter Collegiate Challenge kicks off in Raleigh, North Carolina, we think it’s time for you to scrounge up that 50 dollars for your reservation fee to ensure you get one of the 40 spots on the bus! Apart from helping […]

Collegiate Challenge Raleigh, Northcarolina

Habitat UCF President Thomas Anzelone helps keep up with the high demand for face painting at our Earth Day tent!

It’s Summer, and you know what that means- time to join Habitat UCF!

Spring/Summer 2013 Semesters Highlights (so far) A lot of amazing things have happened with Habitat for Humanity UCF since the beginning of the Spring 2013 semester. 2013 Shack-A-Thon was a huge fundraising success hosting UCF club-built shacks and live bands; Earth Day on Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando was a blast […]


We have four more builds for the semester! The dates are: February 9 February 27 March 16 April 6 They last from 8am to 2pm and are at different locations in Orlando. We offer a carpool leaving Lake Claire on campus at 7:30am and if you are willing to drive […]


Welcome Back Habitaters!

Waddup!!!! Over the Winter Break we went to Hattiesburg, Mississippi and put the finishing touches on their 60th Habitat home! & also… WE DOIN’ BIG THANGZ. Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday, January 23rd at 6:30pm in the Student Union room 224. On another note, if you’d like […]